Viewing the Zoom Contact Center flow detail report

Zoom Contact Center admins can use the historical flow detail report to make effective data-driven decisions by viewing metrics in a detailed table format. For definitions of metrics tracked in the flow detail report, see the voice/video metrics glossary. You can also view the flow chart report to see metrics visually presented using charts.

You can also access analytics using the desktop client.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for viewing historical reports

How to view or customize the historical flow detail report

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal as a call queue member or admin.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Analytics & Reports.
  3. In the Historical Reports section, click Flow Detail Report.
  4. Use the following options to customize the data or view more details:
    • From / To: Specify the time period for the report.
    • Flow drop-down menu: Select specific flows to only display data for these flows.
    • Outcome drop-down menu: Select an outcome type. For more information on outcome types, see the metrics glossaries for voice/video and chat/SMS.
    • Entry point drop-down menu: Select specific entry points to only display data for these entry points.
    • Click Export to export the currently-visible data to a CSV file.

Information in the historical flow detailed report

You can view the following information in the historical detailed report. Click the gear icon to select what information to display.

Note: For information on metrics included in the flow detail report, see the Zoom Contact Center metrics glossary.