Unable to hear or view participants joining via H.323

We have identified an issue with Cisco devices joining Zoom Meetings via the Cloud Room Connector using the H.323 protocol.

The audio, video, and screen share streams sent from the device to a Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar are not visible for other Zoom participants, while the endpoint is still able to receive video and audio streams from the rest of the participants.

We have identified that this only happens when the Cisco endpoint utilizes the H.323 protocol when joining and has an encryption key size set to Min1024bit/Min2048bit and AES256Support is disabled. This has been identified as a bug on the Cisco video endpoint Bug Search Tool.

Considering the above, Zoom recommends modifying the settings for the H.323 Encryption Configuration for Cisco devices making H.323 calls into the Zoom Cloud Room Connector:

AES256Support: Is set to Off.
KeySize: Is set to Max1024bit.

If the issue persists please contact Zoom Support.