How To Configure LTI Pro 1.3 for Blackboard Calendar

With the LTI Pro integration, instructors can automatically have meetings scheduled with the LTI app added to their Blackboard Calendar.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for configuring LTI Pro 1.3 for Blackboard Calendar

How to add the Blackboard Application key to the LTI Pro app

To enable the calendar integration, enter the Blackboard Application Key and Secret into the Zoom LTI Pro configuration:

  1. On the My Applications page, click edit.
  2. Click Manage Keys.
  3. On the next page, click Add .
    You will be redirected to the LTI key page. The Application Key and Secret will be used later in the LTI Pro app setup, and the Application ID will be utilized in the REST API integration.
  4. In a new browser tab, navigate to the LTI Pro app.
  5. Click Manage, then click Configure
  6. Next to the desired LTI 1.3 credentials click Edit.
  7. Click the 3rd Party Credentials tab.
  8. In the left navigation, click LTI Blackboard.
  9. Click Add Instance.
  10. Fill in the following fields:
    • LTI Blackboard Site Domain: Enter your Blackboard Site Domain.
    • Developer ID: Enter the Blackboard Application Key copied in the previous steps.
    • Developer Key: Enter the Blackboard Key copied in the previous steps.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Back on the 3rd Party Credentials tab, enable Calendar.

How to deploy the REST API integration

  1. Log into Blackboard as an administrator.
  2. In the Administrator panel, click REST API Integrations.
  3. Click Create Integrations.
  4. Copy the Application ID from the previous steps, and under General Information paste it into the Application ID field.
  5. In the Learn User field, click Browse.
  6. Select your admin user.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Next to your newly added LTI tool, click the down arrow .
  9. In the drop-down menu, click Edit.
  10. Under Available, select Yes.

How to launch the LTI Pro tool

Each instructor has to Log in to LTI Pro and approve the app in order to allow LTI Pro to create events. These credentials will add/update/delete the calendar events for each course user level.

Once the instructor has selected Allow in the Learn Authorization dialog window, the instructors will need to create a new meeting with in a course and verify the event has been created on the course calendar.