Integrating a Zoom Rooms kiosk with Zoom Contact Center

Zoom Contact Center admins who have Zoom Rooms licenses can set up a Zoom Rooms kiosk to use as an entry point to a video flow. This will allow consumers to reach a video flow from a Zoom Rooms kiosk. For example, the following image shows a touch-screen kiosk device at an office entrance, allowing customers to reach a virtual receptionist.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for integrating a Zoom Rooms kiosk with Zoom Contact Center

Note: The DTEN ME and DTEN ON do not support Zoom Contact Center integration.

How to integrate a Zoom Rooms kiosk with Zoom Contact Center

  1. Create a video flow if you don't have one.
  2. Add or edit a Zoom Rooms kiosk. Follow the instructions to add a Zoom Contact Center flow to the kiosk.
    Note: If you need more help setting up Zoom Rooms, see the Zoom Rooms getting started guide.

Supervisor and agent experience

Supervisors and agents are able to identify video engagements that started from a Zoom Rooms kiosk.

Alternative to using a Zoom Rooms kiosk

If you don't have Zoom Rooms licenses, you can set a Windows device to kiosk mode then allow consumers to interact with a campaign on a website. You can set up an iPad device as a kiosk and use the Contact Center SDK to develop a custom app.