Retirement of the Zoom Chrome OS App

As support for ChromeOS apps are being phased out across all operating systems, Zoom will begin ending support for its Chrome OS App in August 2022, with it being fully phased-out by February 1, 2023.

As we sunset the Chrome OS App, these are some key dates to be aware of:

In preparation for this retirement, Zoom is asking all customers to switch to the Zoom Web App for the most up-to-date and feature-rich experience. The Zoom Web App is the official replacement for the Zoom for ChromeOS app and will continue to be updated in the long-term, to support Chrome OS and other users needing a lightweight Zoom client.

How do I migrate my users?

We also strongly recommend that all users update to the most recent version of Chrome OS to maintain feature compatibility and continued improved performance. The Zoom Zoom Web App is automatically kept up to date when new versions are released by Zoom.

For more information about using the Zoom Web App, visit our support page.