Accessing Zoom Revenue Accelerator recordings

All the recordings that meet the criteria set by your Revenue Accelerator admins will appear to you as conversations. You will receive an email notification once the conversation has been processed and analyzed. You can review the recording and associated metrics through the Conversations page in the web portal.

The Conversations page allows you to:

Note: Zoom Revenue Accelerator recordings follow the data retention policies of the Zoom account. If your account owner or admins are configured to delete Zoom recordings automatically after a period of time, then the recordings will be removed from Zoom Revenue Accelerator as well.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for using Zoom Revenue Accelerator recordings

How to access Zoom Revenue Accelerator conversations

Using the Zoom web portal

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Revenue Accelerator then Conversations.
    You can view personal conversations in the My Conversations tab. Conversations shared with you or your team appear in the All Conversations tab.

Using the Zoom desktop client

  1. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
  2. In the top navigation menu, click Revenue then Conversations.
    If Revenue is not listed in the top navigation menu, click More  then Revenue.

How to filter conversations

Select columns to display

From the Conversations page, control the columns you want the page to display by selecting from:

Note: Columns selected in the My Conversation tab will not sync to the All Conversations tab.  

Filter search results

You can search all conversations, including meetings you hosted and meetings you attended.

From the Conversations page, set the following filters based on your preference:

Create custom filter groups for conversations

Users can create custom filter groups when searching for Conversations or Deals and save them for future use.


  1. From the Zoom Revenue Accelerator Conversations page, select your preferred filters.
  2. Click Save as Filter Group.
  3. In the Save as Filter Group window, enter the filter group name.
  4. (Optional) Enable the following settings: 
  • Click Save.
  • (Optional) To edit the custom filter, click the pencil icon next to the filter group name, modify the filter group, then click Save to confirm changes.
  • (Optional) To delete the custom filter, click the dropdown arrow next to the filter group name, followed by the trash bin icon , then Delete to confirm the deletion.
  • How to navigate the recording playback section

    You can access the recordings that Zoom Revenue Accelerator analyzed and review the associated metrics to get more data on how a conversation went. The recording playback has typical controls, such as play/pause, volume, playback speed control, and full-screen mode.

    1. In the Conversations page, click the topic of the meeting you wish to review 
    2. (Optional) Click beside the conversation topic to Add to a Playlist or Share Link.
    3. (Optional) Click the ellipsis then Copy Summary, Download, or Remove.
      Note: Removing a conversation will delete all related analytics. This action cannot be undone.
    4. In the recording playback section, you can:
      • Play the recording
      • Skip forward or backward by 15 seconds
      • Skip to the next speaker 
      • Adjust the recording volume
      • Change the playback speed
      • Show or hide the subtitle
      • Create a clip
      • Enable Skip silence
      • Enter or exit full screen
      • Cut to the chase (applicable to conversations with external participants) 
    5. Under the recording playback section, select a tab to start reviewing the conversation.
      • Conversation: Helps you gain insights into the meeting using Summary and Smart Chapters.
      • Participants: Shows a visual breakdown of each participant’s speaking throughout the meeting and the percentages of each participant. This can help you see who spoke more during certain parts of the conversation and jump directly to those sections with a click.
      • Coaching: allows sales leads to provide score-based feedback. Learn more about using the scorecard for rating a conversation.
    6.  In the right pane of the recording playback section, select a tab to view:
      • Overview: This contains the Deal Info, Conversation Summary, Next Steps, Good Questions, and Callouts
        Note: Sections available here depend on configurations made by your Revenue Accelerator admins.
      • Content: This contains a Transcript of the conversation that you can download and an option to adjust language settings.
      • Comments: Write a note to start a conversation and give feedback. Use @mention to tag others.
      • Clips: You can highlight moments in the conversation to return to that part of the recording quickly by creating clips. All the clips you have created for that particular conversation will appear in this section.