Viewing the Zoom Contact Center queue interval report

The queue interval report summarizes activity reporting and specifies results by time intervals (15 minutes, 30 minutes, hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly). This report sorts the results into a tabular format and can be exported as a CSV file. For example, you can use this report to see the Service Level metric over an interval of 1 hour for the past week, so you can identify hours when the metric is under performing.

The queue interval report is available for all channels (voice, video, web chat, in-app chat, and SMS).

Note: If an engagement has multiple segments (for example, transfer, overflow, or callback), the engagement will appear multiple times in the interval report. For example, if an engagement contains a voice call and a callback, you will see two entries in the interval report:

This engagement still appears as one entry in the engagement log.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for viewing the Zoom Contact Center queue interval report

How to view the Zoom Contact Center queue interval report

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal as a call queue member or admin.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Analytics & Reports.
  3. In the Historical Reports section, click Queue Interval Report.
  4. Click one of the tabs to view data for Voice, Video, or Messaging (for web chat, in-app chat, and SMS). If you clicked Messaging, click one of the sub-tabs for Web Chat or SMS.
  5. Use the following options to filter or customize the data 
    • Time Zone: Click the currently-set time zone to change the time zone used for the From and To fields.
    • From / To: Specify the time period for the report. 
      • To specify a lookback period, click the From or To field, then click one of the lookback periods to the left of the calendar, for example, Last Week or Last Month.
      • To specify a date and time, click a day in the calendar, then click the time field to set the time.
    • Queue drop-down menu: Select a queue to only display data for a specific queue.
    • Interval: Select the time internal to use for the report. For example, selecting 1 Hour means the report will show a separate row for every hour in the specified time period.

Information in the queue interval report

Note: The report includes several metrics for each interval. For information on metrics included in the queue interval report, see the Zoom Contact Center metrics glossary.