Accessing Zoom Revenue Accelerator Deals details

The Zoom Revenue Accelerator Deals page provides a view of your sales pipeline, enabling you to track deals in one place, identify and prioritize deals, organized them by stage, and track them through each stage of the sales process.

This article covers

Prerequisites for accessing Zoom Revenue Accelerator deals

How to access Deals details

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Revenue Accelerator then Deals.
  3. On the My Deals or All Deals tab, you can filter by and access the following deal details:
    • Customer & Deal
    • Opportunity Team
    • Deal Stage
    • Deal Size
    • Last Activity Time
    • Number of Conversations
    • Close Date
  4. Click a customer name from the list to get additional information such as:
    • Contacts
    • Timeline of activities 
      Note: When toggling on the deal timeline under Activities, the sentiment and engagement scores displayed on the tooltips are the average number within a week (rounded up if there are decimals). This overlay gives users a high-level understanding of how the deal is progressing.
    • Link to conversation
    • Conversation participants both internal and external
    • Stage during conversation
    • Meeting date
    • Sentiment and Engagement scores

    • Link to access data in integrated CRM
  5. (Optional) Click Import to add additional details not automatically captured by Zoom Revenue Accelerator.

How to import deals to Zoom Revenue Accelerator

To import a meeting, Zoom phone call, or email to a deal:

  1. On the My Deals or All Deals tab, click a customer name.
  2. Click Import.
  3. Provide the details depending on what activity you wish to import
    • Meetings: Add meeting topic or host name
    • Zoom Phone: Add caller or callee 
    • Emails: Add mail topic
      Note: Zoom Revenue Accelerator email integration must be set up
  4. Click Import.