Managing a workspace's basic information

Workspace Reservation allows users to reserve workspaces in the office. Users can easily reserve available desks or meeting spaces either at the office, on the Virtual Receptionist Kiosk and Zoom Rooms for Touch devices, or on the Zoom web portal. Workspace Reservation provides easy QR code check-in to Zoom device-enabled desks, interactive maps, and desk occupancy status.

Account owners and admins can manage a workspace's basic information, such as the workspace name or calendar service. Organizing basic information can help identify a workspace and its assets, making it easier to locate a workspace and customize a workspace's name.

Prerequisites for managing a workspace’s basic information

How to manage a workspace’s basic information

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal as an admin with the privilege to edit account settings.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Workspaces Management then Workspaces.
  3. Use location hierarchy to access the hierarchy level you want to enable this setting for (building, floor, or workspace).
  4. Click Settings for that location or workspace (Building Settings, Floor Settings, Desk/Room Settings) to enable it for the location or workspace.
  5. Under Basic, edit the workspace information:
    • Under Workspace (Desk)/(Room) Name, click the pencil icon  to edit the name. Click Save to confirm changes.
    • (Optional) Under Display Name (optional), click the pencil icon  to edit the display name. Click Save to confirm changes.
    • Under Workspace Type, select if this workspace is a Desk or Room.
    • Under Calendar, select a calendar service and a calendar resource to connect to this workspace. If the calendar service you need is not listed, you can add another calendar service. Click Save to confirm changes.
      Note: If you’ve already linked a calendar service, choose the calendar for this room. You can also choose the calendar at a later time.
    • (Optional) Under Picture, upload a workspace photo.
    • Under Capacity, enter the workspace’s capacity. This will be visible to users to see and filter when looking for a workspace to reserve.
      Note: Capacity must be a whole number.
    • Under Assets, select the available assets at this workspace or directly enter a new asset type, then press Enter
      Note: Users can sort and filter workspaces by this information.