Managing admin roles in Workspace Reservation

Account owners and admins can use role management to define a custom scope for workspace access and permissions at the location or workspace level. Additionally, account owners and admins can use Workspaces location hierarchy and allow admin permission to be given at any location level, including the room and workspace levels. 

You can also set up workspace administration for specific workspaces.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for managing Workspace Reservation admin roles

Workspace Reservation admin management options

Choose the management option that best fits your situation:

How to define admin role permissions for Workspace Reservation


  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal as an admin with the privilege to edit account settings.
  2. Add an admin role with initial permissions or edit permissions for an existing admin role.
  3. Click the Role Settings tab.
  4. Under Workspaces Management, select the View and Edit checkboxes to enable the following permissions for users in the admin role:
    • Workspaces Management: View or edit document-level settings for Workspace Reservation.
    • Calendar Integration: View or edit calendar integration for the account.
  5. Under the Scope column, select and customize administrative privileges:
    • Entire Account: The admin role has access and administrative privileges for the entire account.
    • Custom Scope: The admin role has access and administrative privileges to the custom scope that you select. Customize administrative privileges by location by selecting 1 or more locations that will be included in this scope, then click Save.
      NoteEnabling Workspaces or Zoom Rooms edit access will enable Location Management edit access by default.
      • (Optional) When you return to the Role Settings tab, under the Scope column, click View and Edit to view and edit the locations for the custom scope.
  6. Click Save Changes.