Scheduling meetings with Zoom Rooms using LTI Pro

Meetings scheduled through LTI Pro can be assigned to one or more Zoom Rooms. When a Zoom Room is added to a meeting, the Zoom Room will be an alternative host for the meeting. Once enabled, Instructors and other designated users can schedule meetings and add Zoom Rooms as Alternative hosts from within their LTI instance. 

Note: If Auto Populate Alternative Host is enabled within the LTI configuration when a meeting is created with a Zoom Room or other alternative hosts within the Zoom Web portal and imported into LTI Pro, the meeting’s list of alternative hosts will be overwritten.

Prerequisites for scheduling with Zoom Rooms in LTI

How to schedule meetings with Zoom Room using LTI Pro

To assign a Zoom Room to a meeting, you will need to schedule a new meeting in LTI Pro or edit an existing meeting. To add a Zoom Room to a meeting as an alternative host: 

  1. Log into your LTI instance.
  2. Schedule a new meeting or edit an existing meeting. 
  3. In the Zoom Room field, search and select the rooms you want to add to the meeting.
  4. Save the meeting.