Requesting a Zoom Contact Center port

Zoom Contact Center (Zoom Contact Center) is live, and available for porting. This process will cover the following scenarios;

  1. Porting from an existing carrier (not Zoom) to Zoom Contact Center
  2. Moving current Zoom Phone Numbers to Zoom Contact Center

Note: If you're having issues during the porting process, see our list of common porting issues and resolutions.

Prerequisites for requesting a Zoom Contact Center port (carrier to Zoom)

You will need to provide the following information:

Prerequisites for Zoom Phone to Zoom Contact Center moves

How to request a Zoom Contact Center port (carrier to Zoom)

  1. Download and complete the required Letter of Agency (LOA).
    See guidelines if you need help filling the form.
  2. Download and complete the required Porting Sheet.
    • If you are porting toll-free numbers, fill out the Toll-Free LOA as well.
  3. Open a support case and attach all of the respective documents.
    Note: Please make sure that you detail that this is a Zoom Contact Center port in the description. That way, it ensures that requests get routed correctly.
  4. A Zoom team member will review and confirm receipt of the request.
  5. Zoom Phone and their porting partners will send a request to your previous provider to validate the information on the LOA. If accepted, Zoom and the previous provider will work together to activate the pending port.
  6. Review common porting errors to minimize delays in the number porting process.

How to request a Zoom Contact Center move (Zoom Phone to Zoom Contact Center)

Open a support case to request the move.


How to check available phone licenses

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Contact Center Management then Users.
  3. Click Plan Details, then click the Phone Numbers tab.
    In the far-right column, you will see all available phone licenses.