Frequently asked questions about Zoom Workplace

General Zoom Workplace questions

What is Zoom Workplace?

Zoom Workplace is an AI-powered collaboration platform that helps you streamline communications, increase employee engagement, optimize in-person time, and improve productivity. Plus, it’s fueled by AI Companion, included at no additional cost.*

What are the new innovations?

The Zoom Workplace launch includes many new enhancements and branding changes. For more information on our new innovations, see our recent blog post: Zoom Workplace is here! Reimagine teamwork with your AI-powered collaboration platform

How can I see the new Zoom Workplace updates?

Once you upgrade to the latest Zoom version, you will see the new Zoom Workplace capabilities and branding. See our release notes for a list of changed, new, and enhanced features.

Note: Customers using Enterprise Auto Update policies can manage how and when their managed devices are updated in accordance with their own policies and preferences.

Zoom Workplace bundle questions

How do I purchase Zoom Workplace?

We make it easy to purchase Zoom Workplace with bundles that address different business needs. Zoom Workplace offers several bundles: Basic, Pro, Business, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise, Enterprise Plus, and Enterprise Premier, as well as vertical-specific ones.

If you want to learn more about Zoom Workplace plans, please contact your Zoom representative. If you self-manage, head to your billing portal and upgrade there. For a complete breakdown between plans, see our pricing page.

What is the difference between bundles?

Our different plans are designed to address different needs. All plans include core communications capabilities of Meetings, Team Chat, Calendar and Mail client, and productivity capabilities including Whiteboard, Notes, and Clips. AI Companion is included with eligible paid plans at no additional cost.*

If you primarily need communication and productivity solutions like team chat, meetings, and whiteboard, then Zoom Workplace Basic, Pro, and Business might be your best choice. If you are looking for phone capabilities, then we suggest Business Plus or an Enterprise plan, depending on your business size. If you are a large business, our Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Plus, and Enterprise Premier plans also include Zoom Rooms, Workspace Reservation, Zoom Sessions, Zoom Webinars, and more.

For a complete breakdown between plans, see our pricing page.

I’m not on a Zoom Workplace plan, why should I move to one?

Zoom Workplace gives you an all-in-one, AI-powered collaboration solution for communications, productivity, and spaces solutions with the option to add Workvivo for employee engagement. AI Companion is woven throughout to help you get more out of your day with capabilities like meeting summaries and next steps, in meeting questions, composing chats and emails, and more. Zoom Workplace bundles simplify pricing and user management.

What happened to Zoom One bundles? Are they the same bundles?

Zoom One bundles will be replaced by Zoom Workplace and include additional capabilities and innovations. The bundles themselves did not change. Your license name will automatically be updated in your billing and management portal as well as your invoice. Prior notifications will be sent before this change. This new offering does not impact your services. No action is needed on your part.

Why did you retire Zoom One and introduce Zoom Workplace?

We’ve been rapidly innovating over the past few years and have come a long way from our roots in meetings and communications. We’ve evolved to be an AI-powered collaboration platform that includes communications, productivity, engagement, and in-person solutions fueled by AI Companion. This includes productivity solutions such as Zoom Clips and Zoom Notes, and new spaces solutions like Visitor Management. The new offering better represents services and what comes in the bundles.

For more information, see our recent blog post: Zoom Workplace is here! Reimagine teamwork with your AI-powered collaboration platform

How do I know if I’m on a Zoom Workplace plan?

If you are a Zoom Workplace customer, it will appear on your invoice as well as your web portal under the Billing or Plan Management, Account Profile, and User Management sections.

To manage your users and see what plan they are on or assign them to a new one, go to the Users page under User Management. Learn more about managing your users.

An end user can verify their license type by checking the Account section of their Profile, where they will see the components of the bundle listed. By clicking the information ? next to Licensed, the tooltip will indicate that they are a Zoom Workplace user and links to this FAQ.

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*AI Companion is included at no additional cost with the paid services assigned to Zoom accounts. AI Companion may not be available for all regions and industry verticals. Account owners and admins control whether to enable the AI Companion features for their accounts.