Zoom One FAQ

What is Zoom One?

Zoom One brings together options for team chat, phone, whiteboard, meetings, and more into a single solution to help deliver frictionless communication and collaboration experiences. It offers six variations of bundles - Basic, Pro, Business, Business Plus, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus.

What is the difference between bundles?

Our different plans are designed to address different needs. If you only need team chat, meetings, and whiteboard capabilities, then Zoom One Basic, Pro, and Business might be your best choice. If you are looking for phone capabilities, then we suggest Business Plus or an Enterprise plan, depending on your business size. If you are a large business, our Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans also include Zoom Rooms, Zoom Webinars, and more.

For a complete breakdown between plans, see our pricing page.

How do I know if I’m on a Zoom One plan?

If you are a Zoom One customer, it will appear on your invoice as well as your web portal under the Billing, Account, and User Management tabs.

To manage your users and see what plan they are on or assign them to a new one, go to the Users page under User Management. Learn more about managing your users.

An end user can verify their license type by checking the Account section of their Profile, where they will see the components of the bundle listed. By clicking the information ? next to Licensed, the tooltip will indicate that they are a Zoom One user and links to this FAQ.

My Meetings plan was recently rebranded to Zoom One, why did it change?

Zoom is more than Meetings and so is your current plan. All of our Zoom Meetings plans come with Team Chat, Whiteboard, and Meetings so the Zoom One name better represents what you get. Additionally, Zoom One is our go-forward motion, so with the new Zoom One name you’ll get all of the relevant new feature enhancements for your plan.

For more information on why we made this change see our recent blog post: Say Hello to Zoom One, an Evolution in the Zoom Platform Experience

I’m not on a Zoom One plan, how can I move to a Zoom One plan?

If you want to learn more about Zoom One plans, please contact your Zoom representative. If you self-manage, head to your Billing page and upgrade there.

Why should I move to a Zoom One plan?

Zoom One assists customers in providing a frictionless communications experience by delivering an all-in-one user experience. Users can easily switch between chat, phone, meetings, whiteboards, and more from a single app. Zoom One also simplifies pricing and user management by giving you a bundled offering with a single SKU.