Using Zoom Phone conference call

Zoom Phone conference call allows three or more participants to join the same phone call simultaneously. Participants can be added to a conference via an extension, a phone number, a search in the contact list, or by merging a call that is on hold. By default the main company caller ID is used when generating a conference call, however the initiator can decide the caller ID to be used.


Prerequisites for using Zoom Phone conference call

How to make a conference call

  1. Make a phone call.
  2. While on a call, click the Add Call on the keypad.
  3. Enter the name or number of the person you wish to add to your phone conference, then click the blue phone icon.
  4. On the right of the number you just called, click the merge icon, then select the on-hold phone number to add to the call.
    A notification will appear stating the number joined the call
  5. (Optional) If the number you are calling is in your History tab, you can click the number directly to merge into your current call.
  6. (Optional) To drop a phone number from the call, to the right of Conference Call on your keypad, click the down arrow , then click the red phone icon of the desired phone number.
    Note: Only the initiator or the delegate of the call can drop a participant from the call.
  7. (Optional) You can review the list of more call controls for your conference call.


    1. You cannot park the call.
    2. You cannot transfer the call to another phone number.