Making an outbound voice call using Zoom Contact Center

Zoom Contact Center agents can place an outbound voice call and associate the call with one of the queues they're a member of. You can also multitask while on an active voice engagement.

Prerequisites for making an outbound voice call

Note: You can be in the Ready or Not Ready status to make an outbound voice call.

How to make an outbound voice call

  1. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
  2. Click the Contact Center tab.
  3. Click the plus icon then New Voice Call.
  4. (Optional) Below the dial pad, select your caller ID and queue:
  5. Call a number using one of these methods:
    • Number pad: Dial a number using the on-screen or your keyboard number pad, then click the phone icon.
    • Copy and paste: Copy and paste a number in the text field, then click the phone icon .
    • Search contacts: Type a name or number above the dial pad to search address book contacts, Zoom Phone contacts, and Zoom Phone queues. Click a search result to make a call. If the contact has several phone numbers, click the right arrow icon to view and select the number to call.
      • Contacts search must be enabled by your admin to allow you to search Zoom Phone users and address book contacts
      • Search results for Zoom Phone users will display users' Zoom profile picture, presence status, display name, and extension number.
      • Search results for Zoom Contact Center agents will display agents’ Zoom profile name, Zoom Contact Center profile picture as set by the admin, and availability status. Admins can set a Zoom Contact Center profile picture and display name that's separate from their Zoom profile picture.
    • Click-to-dial
  6. During the voice call, use in-call controls.
    Your status will automatically change to Occupied.