Japan KYC Operational Process

What is the purpose of the KYC process in Japan?

The KYC declaration form and all information gathered as part of the KYC process is used to verify information about the company that will be purchasing Zoom Phone for use in Japan in accordance with requirements under Japanese laws on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. This information is also used to verify that the address information provided qualifies the customer for use of geographic numbers (where relevant) and to confirm the range of geographic numbers that are appropriate to allocate to the customer.

Who completes the Customer KYC Declaration Form - who is the “Declarant”?

The form should be completed by an appropriate company representative of the correct customer company that will be purchasing Zoom Phone.

Instructions for completing the Customer KYC Declaration Form

Before completing the Customer KYC Declaration Form - Gather these documents

Before completing the Customer KYC Declaration Form, please ensure that you have the following documents handy:

Completing the Customer KYC Declaration Form

Please download the form and complete the form according to the instructions below.

Step 1: (Completing Section 1. Verification of the Company) Please print your full name and write the name and location of the head of principal office of the Company.

For Japanese addresses please provide the address in any of the following formats:






Block number:

Sub-block number:

House/building number:

Building Floor number:

Step 2: (Statement as to category of Declarant) Check the appropriate Declarant box based on whether you are a listed Director or other non-Director authorized representative.

Please note that should a party not listed as a Director of the company submit the documentation for the Japan KYC process, Zoom will send a piece of non-transferable mail to in the form of a physical copy of the customer agreement and/or invoice for phone services will be sent by registered mail to Company’s location in Japan, and such location in Japan shall be either: the head principal office or the business office of the Company.

Step 3: (Documents to upload for proof of Company ID verified against current company search extract) Check that the company registration documents that you are uploading are consistent with the record of the current date stamped public company search that you are also uploading (obtained from https://www1.touki.or.jp/service/index.html or an equivalent company registration search for the relevant jurisdiction of incorporation).

Step 4: (Completing Section 2. Verification of the Company Representative ID) Check that you can provide a form of photo identification to verify your name and address and date of birth, or a combination of identification documents that together prove your name and address and date of birth.

Your personal photographic identification documents can be any of the following documents (issued in Japan or by another government or international organization approved by the Government of Japan), provided that the documents are current (meaning that their expiry date has not passed, or, for documents without an expiry date, that the document was created within the 6 months prior to the date of submission to Zoom):

Step 5: (Completing Section 3. Verification of the purpose of the transaction) Check that you have accurately completed the statement of the purpose of the transaction

Step 6: (Completing Section 4. Verification of the business activities of the company) Check that you have prepared and can upload evidence of the business of the company

The activities of the company can be described generally (for example against the following categories: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Manufacturing, Construction, Information and Communication, Transportation, Wholesale, Retail, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Professional Services, Others (From MIC Guidelines available at https://www.soumu.go.jp/main_content/000256687.pdf).

Step 7: (Completing Section 5. Verification of the corporate beneficial owners (jisshitsuteki-shihaisha)) please complete the declaration accurately. Supporting documentation could include a corporate structure diagram, but you are required to list the details of each corporate beneficial owner of the company. For each listed entity and individual you will also need to provide their name, address (and in the case of individuals) date of birth.

A corporate beneficial owner will be any entity or individual holding more than 25% of the voting rights of the company (directly and indirectly).

If there is a corporate beneficial owner (an individual or an entity) who holds more than 50% of the voting rights of the company (directly and indirectly) it will be sufficient to list that corporate beneficial owner.

If there are no corporate beneficial owners (entities or individuals) who hold more than 25% of the voting rights of the company (directly or indirectly) then you will need to list and provide the details for any individuals who have a dominant influence over the management of the business.

Step 8: (Signing and dating the declaration form) Please ensure that you sign and date the KYC Customer Declaration Form.

Step 9: Upload the signed form and all supporting documents

Step 10: Zoom web meeting

The party submitting this document must appear by Zoom web meeting and at such meeting present the originals of the submitted identification documents. For more information, visit our Support Center.

Upon Completion of Submission

Once you have submitted the proper documents, completed the web meeting, and the non-transferable mail has been delivered (where applicable), you will then be allowed to request Toll phone numbers in Japan. Please indicate the phone number type you would like to purchase in the notes and our team will begin the phone number provisioning process.