Getting started with Zoom Contact Center (admins)

Zoom Contact Center is an omnichannel contact center that's optimized for video and integrated into the same Zoom experience. Zoom Contact Center brings unified communications together with contact center capabilities.

For example, let’s say your organization is a software firm that supports customers in the US and Canada who use MacBooks and Windows laptops. If a French-speaking customer calls in asking for troubleshooting the Windows client, Zoom Contact Center can route them to a tech support agent that speaks French and is proficient with handling issues for Windows.

This article covers:

Basic setup

To get started, follow these steps to build a contact center system.

Set up agent routing and skills

  1. Add users (agents) to Zoom Contact Center to assign licenses.
  2. Add agent skills to specify the skill sets your agents have.
  3. Assign these skills to agents.
  4. Create a routing profile to determine the priority of those skills for a specific queue.
  5. Create a queue to determine which agents are notified of inbound engagements and assign the associated routing profile.

Use the flow editor and set up an entry point

  1. Obtain a phone number or create an entry ID so customers have an entry point to the contact center system.
  2. Create a flow, a connected series of actions that make up the inbound customer experience.
  3. Use the flow editor to customize the contact center system and specify the associated queue.
  4. Customize the individual flow widgets.
  5. Add a flow entry point.
  6. Publish your flow.

Advanced setup

Consider using these features to further enhance your contact center system.