Getting started with Zoom security and privacy

Zoom provides a cloud-based HD meeting service for high quality video conversations and screen sharing at work and at home. Zoom provides many security features to meet your meeting privacy requirements such as in-meeting security options, administrative restriction to in-meeting features, End-to-end encryption. You can also refer to the Zoom Trust Center for other safety tips. As a new user, you can follow the steps in the new user guide to get you started with your account.

This article covers:

How to use Zoom security settings

Protect your account with Zoom privacy settings

As a free account owner, your meetings are automatically enforced with a password and waiting room to protect your meetings. You can upgrade your account to provide more protection to your account and set up two-factor authentication (available to paid accounts only) to sign in to your Zoom application. To further help protect your account, you can access those additional resources.

Use security settings to schedule your meetings

Schedule your meeting to ask participants to enter a password to join the meeting or add them to a waiting room before they enter the meeting.

Use Zoom security features during a meeting

  1. Join your Zoom meeting.
  2. In the meeting control, click the Security icon  , then enable waiting room, lock meeting, remove participant or any other feature you desire.

How to report to Trust & Safety

To prevent disruption of your meeting, you can report inappropriate behaviors during your meeting. You can also report any fraudulent activity in your account or report if your account was compromised to Zoom's Trust & Safety team.