Zoom Phone firmware resync and Auto Pulling

IP Phones are kept up to date with latest provisioning changes and applicable firmware versions via two methods- Resync via the Zoom Web Portal or the IP Phone will initiate via Auto Polling/Pulling.

The Phone Administrator initiates the Resync via the Zoom Web Portal. This method is fully described here. Using the Resync method, the provisioning and firmware will be applied to the devices immediately. Therefore, it is suggested to target specific phones or perform this action in batch after working hours so as not to impact the phone user. The Resync action should be viewed as an administration feature for troubleshooting or configuring devices with an immediate need for the update.

The Auto Polling/Pulling mechanism is more passive in nature where the devices will check (Polling/Pulling) for updates on predefined dates/times specified by each device manufacturer. The IP Phone will check with the Zoom Phone service for any new configurations and if there is a new firmware version to apply. If there are any changes, the IP Phone will apply them at that time. This method ensures all the IP phones stay up to date with the settings including device software updates on a regular basis. For guidance purposes, subject to change by the device manufacturer, the polling is typically performed when devices are not in use (For example - weekends/after midnight). This polling/pulling method is the default method for Zoom Phone service.

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