Enabling window compositing for IGEL

Window compositing provides applications with a separate and independent buffer for each window. A window manager can composite output from these separate buffers onto a common desktop. It can also affect how the buffers are displayed and interact with each other, along with the rest of the desktop environment. Enabling window compositing on IGEL thin clients requires certain configuration options to be selected. 

This article covers:


Enabling window compositing locally

Input following command in the terminal application on the IGEL machine:

setparam windowmanager.wm0.variables.usecompositing true

Enabling window compositing remotely

  1. Open IGEL Universal Management Suite.
  2. Select the igel machine and edit the configuration:
    Toggle Configuration > System > Registry > Parameter
  3. Click windowmanager.wm0.variables.usecompositing and check Use compositing.
  4. Click Apply and send to device.