Using Zoom Rooms daily audio testing

The Zoom Rooms daily audio testing automatically conducts an audio test in your Zoom Room each morning between 2 AM and 4 AM, local time. It uses the speaker and microphone to test for echo. If echo is found, an alert will be displayed on the Zoom Room controller. You can also conduct a manual test from the Zoom Room controller at any time.

An alert is displayed on both the Zoom Room controller and the display before the audio test is started. Users can cancel the test before the automatic testing or at any point during the test.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for Zoom Rooms daily audio testing

How to enable Zoom Rooms audio testing

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Click Room Management then click Zoom Rooms.
  3. Choose a level of the Zoom Rooms hierarchy you would like to enable this feature for. Click Account Settings for the entire account, or Edit for a state, building, floor, or specific room.
  4. Click the Meeting tab.
  5. Click the toggle for Audio Device Daily Auto Testing.

How to run a manual test

  1. To run a manual test, you need to first have Zoom Rooms audio testing enabled for the room.
  2. Tap Settings .
  3. Tap the toggle for Lock Settings to off.
  4. Enter the Zoom Rooms passcode and tap OK
  5. Tap Start Audio Echo Test.
  6. A progress bar will appear on the Zoom Room controller and display. Tap Cancel at any time to end the test.
  7. Once the test is over, the Zoom Room controller and display will show the results of the test. Learn more about test results.

Testing Results

If the daily automatic audio test passes, the display and controller will briefly display a message that the room has passed. However, if the testing fails, the computer and controller will display a message that the testing has failed and attempt to restart the room.

Viewing the Results in Dashboard

If a Zoom Room fails the test, a warning will be displayed on the dashboard that there is poor audio quality.

Email Notifications

You can also receive email notifications when a Zoom Room's audio needs attention. To receive these notifications, enable the Audio Device has quality issues email notification. Learn more about Zoom room alerts and notifications.