Zoom Scheduler FAQ

Zoom Scheduler leverages the Zoom platform to connect users to their calendar, where they can generate slots of scheduled availability for attendees to then select a preferred time on both parties’ calendars. Users can also customize their email notifications. Since Zoom Scheduler supports Google and Microsoft 365, users can integrate Zoom Scheduler with their calendar and generate slots of availability based on their current availability. With Zoom Scheduler seamlessly integrated with Zoom Mail, Calendar, Meetings, Zoom Scheduler can be leveraged by any user to save time and streamline appointment scheduling.

Learn more about using Zoom Scheduler, exploring Zoom Scheduler features, and getting started with Zoom Scheduler.


What is Zoom Scheduler?

Zoom Scheduler provides users with the ability to generate “slots” of availability for attendees to then select a preferred time on both parties’ calendars, which reduces time spent going back and forth to sync schedules. It integrates with Zoom Calendar Service, Google Calendar, and Microsoft 365 Calendar. Learn more about Zoom Scheduler.

How does Zoom Scheduler work? What features are included at launch?

Zoom scheduler can be accessed from the Zoom web portal, where you can connect with your preferred calendar services, including Zoom Calendar Service, Google Calendar, or Microsoft 365 Calendar. Users can then create booking links to make their time available for external parties to schedule. Based on the event duration and time, Zoom Scheduler automatically checks against the user's calendar availability to list all the available slots. Users can also customize event notifications and the booking link page. Learn more about Zoom Scheduler.

Does Zoom Scheduler have administrative controls?

Yes, account owners and admins can restrict use of Zoom Scheduler at the account and group levels.

When will Zoom Scheduler be available?

Zoom Scheduler is available for purchase by all users, free and paid.

When does Zoom Scheduler's free trial end?

Zoom Scheduler's free beta access ends on July 20, 2023. Users will not lose their data if they sign up for Zoom Scheduler at a later date. Additionally, Zoom sales representatives can issue a free Zoom Scheduler trial (through Salesforce) for up to 30 days, providing a grace period and an easier transition. Contact sales for further assistance.


What do I tell my customer if they have concerns about Zoom Scheduler data residing in the USA and outside their country? 

Zoom Scheduler data resides in the USA. The Zoom Scheduler data cannot reside in any other countries at this time. Customers outside the USA wanting to use Zoom Scheduler must be informed that their Scheduler data will reside in the USA, while the rest of their data will remain in their default country.

How much does Zoom Scheduler cost?

Zoom Scheduler is $5.99/month per user subscription.

Is Zoom Scheduler available to free users?

Zoom Scheduler is available for purchase for all Zoom users, free and paid.

Is Zoom Scheduler part of Zoom One?

Zoom Scheduler is included in the Zoom One Business Plus and Zoom One Enterprise Plus subscriptions.

Is Zoom Scheduler available globally?

Zoom Scheduler is available in the US, with global availability expected in July 2023.

In what languages other than English is Zoom Scheduler available?

At this time, the Zoom Scheduler interface is only available in English. We plan to add additional languages in the future.

Upcoming features

Is the landing page to schedule a meeting customizable? Can you customize the booking link?

We plan to offer the ability to customize the landing page with colors, logos, and brandings, as well as customizable booking links, in a future update.

Is there a way to set up paid meetings through Zoom Scheduler at this time?

At this time, there is no way to collect payments through Zoom Scheduler.

Can you create managed events across teams?

We plan to offer the capability to create managed events across teams in a future release.

Is there a way to collect or analyze data from Zoom Scheduler?

Not at this time.

Does Zoom Scheduler work with Meeting Polls?

Not at this time, but we are exploring this for a future release.