Capturing event registrations from Marketo

Enabling the registration of event attendees externally via a Marketo form allows Marketo to register new attendees for Zoom Events directly.

Marketo objects needed:

This article covers:

Prerequisites for using the Zoom for Marketo app

How to set up one-time external registrations from Marketo

  1. Download the Zoom for Marketo app from the Zoom app marketplace, then install the app.
  2. In the Zoom app marketplace, go to the app configuration page and copy the POST URL.
  3. Sign in to Marketo.
  4. Locate Admin, then create a new webhook.
  5. Title the webhook.
  6. Paste the POST URL into the URL box.
  7. Click Create.
    This webhook will be used for the external registration workflow.
  8. Create a new custom Marketo field titled “ZoomEvents Ticket ID”; configure the field with the following:

How to set up per-event external registrations from Marketo

In Marketo:

  1. Create a new Marketo program, or use a Marketo program that was generated from Zoom Events.
  2. Create a Marketo landing page, form, and smart campaign under that program.
  3. Create your Zoom Event and create the desired tickets for the event.
  4. Within the program, navigate to the My Tokens tab, then drag and drop a text element.
    • Token Name: “eventId”
    • Value: “{Zoom Event ID}”
  5. Go to the Marketo form you created. Use the multi-step dropdown menu or use a hidden field with a manually defined value to add the ZoomEvents Ticket ID custom field.
  6. Paste the desired ticket IDs.
    Note: You must use the field ZoomEvents Ticket ID in order for the flow to work. Without this field, a registrant will not be created in Zoom Events.
  7. Publish the form.
  8. Add the form to a Marketo landing page or any external landing page.
  9. Create a Smart Campaign, then add the following three steps:
    1. Click the Smart List tab, then add the Fills Out Form trigger. Select the name of the form you created.
    2. Click the Flow tab and add two triggers. Add the Call Webhook trigger, then select the webhook you created for Zoom Events. Add the Change Program Status trigger then select New Status Webinar > Registered.
    3. Click the Schedule tab to activate the status.
  10. Publish your Zoom Event.

It is important to conduct an end-to-end test before promoting the form and your event. You can conduct a test by submitting test registrants into the Marketo form.

Note: The Zoom Event must be active to collect registrations.

Upon submission, new registrants will be added immediately to the event; only their name, email address, and ticket will be added from Marketo. Once a registrant is added from Marketo, they will be treated as any other registrant in the system, and they will receive all relevant Zoom Events emails.

You can click the Registration tab to view the registrants.

Note: The registrant's profile will display Marketo as the registration source.