Integrating LTI Pro with Schoology Calendar

The LTI Pro integration enables you to post meetings scheduled with the LTI app to the Schoology Calendar.

To enable the calendar integration, enter the Schoology Consumer Key and Consumer Secret into the Zoom LTI Pro configuration:

How to Configure API Keys

  1. Log in to Schoology as a system administrator and go to https://<YOUR_SUBDOMAIN> to retrieve your consumer key and consumer secret.
  2. Sign in to the LTI Pro app, select any 1.1 credentials and click Edit. (Create a 1.1 credential if needed.)
  3. Select the 3rd Party Credentials tab, and click LTI Schoology.
  4. Enable the Calendar setting and click Add Instance.
  5. Copy and paste your consumer key and consumer secret, and enter your site domain URL.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Verify that instructors (Teacher) have permissions enabled for Create school events.
  8. To allow LTI Pro to create events, log in to LTI Pro as a system admin and approve the app. These credentials will add/update/delete the calendar events for each course in the account.
  9. Test the integration. Create a new meeting and verify an event is created on the course calendar.


If calendar events are not working, the system administrator can log in to the course and verify the credentials are still valid. If the credentials are not valid, you will receive a prompt during step 2 in the previous steps. Update the consumer key and consumer secret as needed and request the administrator approve the application again.

For additional help or technical support, submit a request to Zoom Support.