Importing and disassociating meetings with LTI Pro

When instructors create meetings in LTI Pro, LTI Pro automatically associates the meetings with the course or context they are created in. For meetings created in the Zoom Web portal, instructors can manually associate and disassociate the meetings to specific courses and contexts.

How to import or disassociate meetings

To import or disassociate a meeting from a course or context:

  1. Login to LTI Pro as an instructor.
  2. Click the additional actions button.  
  3. Click Import Meeting or Disassociate Meeting.
  4. Enter a meeting number and click Import or Disassociate.
    The meeting is added or removed from your course and context.

Imported meetings

When you import meetings, the following events happen: The meetings are displayed in the Upcoming or Previous tab in LTI Pro.

Disassociated meetings

When you disassociate meetings, the following events happen: 

Associating meetings with multiple courses and contexts

You can associate meetings with multiple courses and contexts. There are no limits to the number of courses and contexts you can associate a meeting with.
When you disassociate a meeting that is associated with multiple courses or contexts, it removes the calendar event only for the one course and context without affecting the other courses and contexts.

For developers, a REST API is available for bulk import and disassociation of courses.