Frequently asked questions about Zoom Apps

In this article, we would like to answer some questions not necessarily covered in other Zoom Apps guides.

For more detailed information regarding using and configuring Zoom, please see the getting started and admin deployment guides.

This article covers:

Frequently asked questions

What are Zoom Apps?

Zoom Apps are in-product apps that are seamlessly integrated into the Zoom experience. Zoom Apps enable users to bring their favorite third-party apps within the Zoom Meetings and desktop client experience, enhancing collaboration, productivity, and entertainment.

How do Zoom Apps work? Can you share more about what the experience of using Zoom Apps is like?

You can browse the list of available Zoom Apps and add the ones you want from within Zoom Meetings, the Zoom desktop client, and the Zoom App Marketplace. Access your favorite third-party apps directly within Zoom Meetings, with the ability to expand or collapse your apps in meetings so you have more room to collaborate. You also have the ability to open multiple apps and switch between them, as well as share apps with others.

Why would I want to use Zoom Apps? What kinds of things can I do with Zoom Apps?

Zoom Apps makes meetings more collaborative, productive, and fun. There are over 50 Zoom Apps available now, ranging from enterprise to consumer use cases — including whiteboarding, project management, note-taking, and video games, with more in development and available soon. Additionally, you can create unique, fun moments with apps for games, icebreakers, virtual backgrounds, or wellness.

Where can I download Zoom Apps? How do I access Zoom Apps? How do I enable the apps?

To add Zoom Apps, you can either open Zoom desktop client and click the Zoom Apps icon from within your Zoom meeting, or you can go to the Zoom App Marketplace to authorize Zoom Apps you’d like to use. Learn more about admin deployment and approval of Zoom apps, as well as using Zoom Apps in the client and during a meeting.

Will Zoom Apps need to be approved by my company to use?

That depends on what Zoom settings your company’s IT administrator has enabled. Zoom Apps will follow the same admin approvals as other Marketplace apps. Admins and owners may have to pre-approve the use of Zoom Apps, in which case users on those accounts will not have access to Zoom Apps until admin approval. Learn more about admin deployment and approval of Zoom apps.

What’s the difference between Zoom Apps and integrations from the Zoom marketplace?

Zoom Apps are a new type of app in the Zoom App Marketplace, which already hosts over 1,500+ third-party integrations. Zoom Apps are in-meeting/in-product apps allowing you to use third-party apps within Zoom Meetings, whereas our integrations from the Zoom App Marketplace integrate Zoom into third-party apps. Your administrator may need to enable Zoom Apps on your account, or approve apps individually depending on your account settings. Learn more about admin deployment and approval of Zoom apps.

Will Zoom Apps support different languages?

Zoom Apps are only available in English at this time.

Are Zoom Apps only available in certain countries? Will the application availability differ from country to country or are they the same worldwide?

Zoom Apps are available worldwide wherever partner apps are supported.

Are Zoom Apps free?

Zoom Apps are available for all users (including free and commercial users) at no charge. In some cases, our partners may require users to have paid accounts in order to access their Zoom App.

Is my device eligible for Zoom Apps? Which devices can I use it on?

Zoom Apps require the Zoom desktop client for Windows and MacOS. Zoom Apps are not supported on mobile devices at this time.

How do I turn off Zoom Apps? Are Zoom Apps on or off by default? Can I “block” certain apps from being used at my company?

You can turn off the “Zoom Apps quick launch button” on the desktop client from the web portal. There are also MSI, plist, and GPO options to limit access on the desktop client directly. Learn more about admin deployment and approval of Zoom apps.

Will I need different logins for Zoom Apps?

Some Zoom Apps may require you to log in via a separate third-party account.

Can I use Zoom Apps in other Zoom products like Webinars?

You can use Zoom Apps within Zoom Meetings and the Zoom desktop client only.

Can Zoom Apps be used in breakout rooms?

Zoom Apps are not currently available in Breakout Rooms. However, our team is working on adding this to a future release.

Are Zoom Apps included in recordings? Cloud? Local?

Zoom Apps are typically not visible in meeting recordings, whether local or cloud. However, some elements -- such as using a background from the Virtual Background app -- may be visible during a meeting and the resulting recording.

I’m interested in developing an app for Zoom. How should I get started?

Interested developers can sign up here.

Do I have to have a paid Zoom account to use Zoom Apps?

No, Zoom Apps are available for all free and paid Zoom users, with the exception of Zoom for Government users. In some cases, our app partners may require users to have paid accounts for use of their Zoom App.

Is there a limit to how many Zoom Apps I can have?

No, there is no limit.

I’m having trouble with one of my Zoom Apps. Where can I go for support?

If you are having an issue with a specific app, please contact the developer of that app. Each app's developer contact information can be found on that app’s Marketplace page.

  1. Open the Zoom App Marketplace
  2. Search for and select the Marketplace app you are having issues with. 
  3. In the Developer Resources section, click Developer Support
    This will open the support resources provided by the developer, which is required upon submitting the app to the Marketplace. This may include their own support documentation and methods for contacting the 3rd-party developer's support team.

I am on the latest version of the desktop client, but I am seeing an “Upgrade to the latest version to see this message” error message. What is the cause?

This is likely due to Zoom Apps not being enabled for you. Please contact an account admin to request access to Zoom Apps.

Can other users see which Zoom Apps I have authorized and/or am using?

If a Zoom App has access to meeting content during a meeting, others in the meeting will see the app listed in the Active Apps Notifier. Otherwise, other participants in the same meeting won’t see which Zoom Apps you’re using. Also, account owners and admins of multi-user accounts will be able to see what Zoom Apps you have installed. They may also set app approval policies for the accounts they manage.

What happened to “Zapps?”

We changed our product name to Zoom Apps to make this offering clearer and consistent with our focus on providing easily accessible tools for our users.

Are Zoom Apps encrypted?

Yes, TLS 1.2 or higher communications including HTTPS are required for all connections to 3rd party Zoom Apps.

Can I opt out of sharing data with third parties?

Zoom does not determine how apps may choose to share content with third parties. Each app shares content in accordance with its own Privacy Policy; we recommend reviewing that document to understand how content is shared with third parties and any choices you might have for opting out. Ultimately, you are in control of your content. You can mute your microphone, turn off your video, or choose not to share an application. Zoom is providing these notices to help you make informed decisions about how you use Zoom.

Are Zoom Apps available for Zoom for Government?

No, Zoom Apps are not supported in Zoom for Government

Are Zoom Apps GDPR or CCPA compliant?

Each third-party app is governed by its own terms of service, privacy policy, and support information. Zoom does not determine how apps may choose to share content, so we encourage our users to review that information carefully.

Are Zoom Apps compliant with COPPA?

Zoom is compliant with the applicable requirements of the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA). Each third-party app is governed by its own terms of service, privacy policy, and support information. Zoom does not determine how apps may choose to share content, so we encourage our users to review that information carefully.