Calculating video streams for VDI clients

In the Zoom VDI Client video settings, users can select 25 or 49 maximum participants to be displayed per screen in Gallery View. The option for 49 maximum participants is only enabled when users are running on a machine capable of displaying the additional video streams.

Prerequisites for changing meeting view settings

Displaying up to 49 thumbnails per page in Gallery View:

How to calculate the number of video streams based on hardware

Two cores and frequency < 2G

3*3 or 9 video streams

AMD 2 cores and the cpu name has "x-2", for example: "GX-217"

3*2 or 6 video streams

Two cores and frequency >= 2G. (Intel i5/i7 < 2G will also work)

5*5 or 25 video streams

Four cores and more

5*5 or 25 video streams