Assigning Zoom Events licenses

After purchasing a Zoom Events license, you will need to assign the licenses to users in your account.

Once you have assigned a Zoom Events license to a user, that user will be able to create a hub for publishing events.


This article covers:

Prerequisites for assigning Zoom Events licenses

How to manage Zoom Events licenses

Zoom Events admins can manage Zoom Events Unlimited and Zoom Events Pay Per Attendee licenses. Account owners and admins can easily transfer a Zoom Events or Zoom Sessions license and all hub data from one active user on the account to another user through User Management on the web portal. This allows account owners or admins to assign a Zoom Events license to users responsible for running events, so the users can manage the event space for their own groups.

Note: The Pay Per Attendee license type for Zoom Events does not give access to Webinars through the web portal. The licensed Pay Per Attendee Zoom Events user can schedule Webinars through Zoom Events.

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Frequently asked questions about Zoom Events licenses

What happens when a Zoom Events Unlimited or Zoom Sessions Unlimited license is canceled? 

When account admins cancel the Zoom Events (or Zoom Sessions) Unlimited license, their users can continue to use Zoom Events and Zoom Sessions and access their cloud recordings until the end of the billing cycle.

Additionally, once the Zoom Events Unlimited license is canceled, the hub owner, hub host, and Zoom account admin will have view-only permissions for the hub, the upcoming events will be canceled within 7 days if no valid license is assigned to the hub owner, and the hub owner or account admin is allowed to delete the hub.

Learn more about license cancellation.

What happens if a user’s Zoom Events license is unassigned or expires?

Hosts will receive an email and will see a banner when they sign in to Zoom Events notifying them that their Zoom Events license has expired or has been unassigned. Users will have a 168-hour (7-day) grace period to be reassigned a license to retain their host privileges.

During the 168-hour (7-day) grace period after a user's Zoom Events license expires or is unassigned, the user:

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Is there a grace period to renewing a Zoom Events license or to have one reassigned back to a user?

Yes. There is a 168-hour (7-day) grace period. Hosts will be notified of any scheduled events in the next 168 hours that will be impacted and will see their scheduled events greyed out as a visual indication the events are in a draft status.

What happens to a host and their account if a Zoom Events license is not reassigned to them before the 168-hour grace period ends?

The following actions will happen to a user and their account if the user does not renew their Zoom Events license or have a new one assigned to them before the 168-hour (7-day) grace period ends:

Learn more about the license cancellation grace period.

How do I reassign a Zoom Events license from one user to another?

If you do not have any available Zoom Events licenses to assign, you must first unassign the Zoom Events license of one user, and then assign the license to another user.

What happens if the Zoom Events license of a user is reassigned to another user?

Zoom Event data is associated with a user’s account and not with the Zoom Events license itself. If a license from a previous license holder is reassigned to another user:

Can I concurrently have a paid Zoom Events license and a free trial Zoom Events license?

No. Existing Zoom Events license holders are not eligible for a free Zoom Events trial license. Only Pro Meeting license holders or business customers can get a free Zoom Events trial license for Zoom Events.

How do I upgrade from a free Zoom Events license to a paid Zoom Events license?

Contact a Zoom sales representative or go to the Billing page to upgrade the capacity of your Zoom Events license.

After purchasing a paid Zoom Events license:

  1. Keep the free trial Zoom Events license active in your account.
  2. Enable the paid Zoom Events license that you purchased.
    Note: The free trial license and the newly added paid Zoom Events licenses will both be active.
  3. Disable the free trial license; the paid license will be the only active Zoom Events license.

When can I upgrade my Zoom Events license?

Users have the opportunity to upgrade or buy more licenses when they experience capability restraints from their current license. They can view in-product licensing messages from the Zoom web portal, hub seat management, capacity management, and the event creation flow. Once the license upgrade is completed, the hub seats/capacity will be upgraded, the user will have more hub capabilities and can transfer assets, and the metering will be adjusted accordingly.

In-product upsell/upgrade messages will appear to the user on the User Management page, the hub seat management in hub Settings, capacity management, and event setup experience.

How can I downgrade my license? What happens if I downgrade a license?

Users can downgrade their Zoom Events license, according to their needs. They can view the downgrade impact on the pricing and billing page and receive information regarding their hub, collaboration, and events experience.

Downgrade Zoom Events Unlimited license's larger capacity to lower capacity

After downgrading the license, the hub owner will get a notification regarding the changes to show them the before and after comparisons:

Downgrade Zoom Events license to Zoom Sessions license

After downgrading the license, the hub owner will get a notification regarding the changes to show them the before and after comparisons:

Can I concurrently have a Zoom Webinars license and a Zoom Events license?

Yes. You can hold a larger Zoom Webinars license and a smaller Zoom Events license at the same time e.g. a Zoom Webinars 3000 license and a Zoom Events 1000 license.

Note: The Zoom Webinars license capacity must be greater than the Zoom Events license capacity. If the Zoom Webinars license capacity matches or is lower than the Zoom Events license capacity, Zoom will remove the Zoom Webinars license.

How do I increase the capacity of my Zoom Events license?

Contact a Zoom sales representative or go to the Billing page to upgrade the capacity of your Zoom Events license.

How can I support 100,000 attendees for a Zoom Event?

Similar to Zoom Webinars capacity tiers, Zoom Events can support up to 100,000 attendees. Additionally, Production Studio and Simulive sessions support 100,000 attendees. For events with more than 10,000 people, contact sales.


Zoom Events can support up to 100,000 attendees under these qualifications:

During a Zoom Event:

Use best practices for 100,000 attendees

Can I apply the new Zoom Events license with higher capacity to events that are already published?

After purchasing a higher-capacity Zoom Events license:

  1. Assign the higher-capacity Zoom Events license to the user who runs the event.
  2. Find and edit the published event that you want to increase the capacity of. 
  3. Increase the number of available tickets to the event:

If I upgrade my Zoom Webinars license to a Zoom Events license, will my past recordings and/or scheduled upcoming webinars be lost?

No. Your past webinar data will remain and your webinars will continue to work as-is after you are assigned a Zoom Events license.

Does my Zoom Webinars license include access to Webinar Backstage?

No. The Webinar Backstage feature is included with the Zoom Events license only. Zoom Events license holders can use Webinar Backstage for webinars they schedule via Zoom Events or on the web portal.