Using Zoom Rooms check-in / check-out features

The Zoom Rooms check-in and check-out features help maximize your room utilization. When this option is turned on, users must start the scheduled Zoom meeting or check in to keep a room reservation. If a user does not check in within a configurable number of minutes after the scheduled start time, the room is released from the scheduled meeting and will be made available for others to use. Zoom Rooms activity such as starting a scheduled meeting, starting an instant meeting, making a phone call, and starting a screen share count as checking in and does not require a separate check in.

If the meeting ends earlier than expected, you can also check-out of the scheduled meeting, which shortens the calendar event and makes that unused time available again for others to use.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for using check-in and check-out

How to enable room check-in and check-out

After enabling the feature, you can also automatically remove recurring meetings from the Zoom Room after a specified number of missed check ins.

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Click Room Management then Zoom Rooms.
  3. You can use the location hierarchy to enable this setting for different rooms or locations. To enable the setting for the entire account, click Account Settings.
  4. Find the Setup section, and click the toggle  for Room Check-In and Check-Out.
  5. Click Enable.
  6. (Optional) Change these settings:
    • Adjust the amount of time prior to a meeting when users can check in.
    • Check Release room after to adjust the amount of time after the meeting start time before a room is released. You can select a number from the drop down or manually type in a number.
      Note: If this setting is left unchecked the room will not be released when there is no check in or lack of room activity. 
    • Check Remove recurring meeting series after instances to automatically remove recurring meetings from the Zoom Room after the specified number of missed check-ins.
      Note: You must configure Release room after to use this setting. 
    • Check Notify in-room participants on the Zoom Rooms display when users check in so that in-meeting participants are aware that the next scheduled meeting will occur.
  7. (Optional) If you want to make this setting mandatory for all Zoom Rooms in your account, click the lock icon unlocked-button.png, and then click Lock to confirm the setting.

How to use room check-in

To check in to the Zoom Room start a scheduled meeting, instant meeting, screen share, or call out from the room. Alternatively, you can check in using the controller or scheduling display.

If you do not start or check in to a meeting within the configured time, the meeting will be cancelled and removed from the schedule.

Room controller

Tap Check In on the controller to confirm that you’re in the room. If the scheduled meeting is a Zoom meeting, the controller will list Start instead of Check In.

Scheduling display

Tap Check In for the Zoom meeting.

How to use room check-out

When your meeting is finished early and you wish to make the room available for others, tapping the Check Out option on the controller will adjust the calendar event so that the rest of the time slot is available.