MacBook Pro Touch bar controls

MacBook Pro Touch Bar controls are available for the Zoom client and when in a Zoom meeting. These controls give you quick access to start a meeting or screen share, join a meeting, or schedule a meeting when you are not in a meeting but have the Zoom Desktop client in focus. When you are in a meeting, the controls allow you to mute/unmute, start/stop your video, start/stop recording (if enabled), share your desktop and end share, leave/end the meeting, and access the Zoom settings.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for using the MacBook Pro Touch bar controls

How to use the controls when with the Zoom desktop client

If you have the Zoom desktop client in focus, but are not currently in a meeting, you can do the following things via the Touch Bar:

Start a meeting with video

Start a meeting without video

Join a meeting

Schedule a meeting

Start sharing your screen

Access your Zoom settings

How to use the controls when in a Zoom meeting

When not screen sharing

When screen sharing

Mute/unmute your microphone

Start/stop your video

Start/stop recording, if enabled

Start sharing your desktop (entire screen) & end share

End/Leave the meeting

Access your Zoom settings