Guidelines for Vanity URL requests

A Vanity URL is a custom URL for your company, such as You can apply for a Vanity URL or use a suggested Vanity URL from Zoom. This subdomain is required for configuration if you intend to turn on SSO (Single Sign On) and is where you would direct your users to login via SSO. Optionally, you can also brand this vanity page to have customized logo/branding, but generally your end-users do not type to access this vanity page directly and instead click a link to join a meeting. This vanity page is not used for webinar registration or waiting room, although both of these can be customized individually. 

If your account already has a Vanity URL and need to have it changed, submit a request to Zoom Support. Your new Vanity URL will need to meet the same requirements as a new Vanity URL, listed below. 

This article covers:

Prerequisites for Vanity URL requests

Guidelines and Requirements

How to change an existing Vanity URL

If your account has already been approved for a Vanity URL, but need to change it, please contact Zoom Support.

The new Vanity URL will need to conform to the guidelines above, and you should inform Zoom Support if you require the previous Vanity URL to redirect to the new Vanity URL. This is important if you still have active meeting links with the previous Vanity URL and want to ensure they still work without resending invites with the updated link. 

After the new Vanity URL is approved, you will also need to adjust the SSO settings with the new Vanity URL, as well as sign-in again to any scheduling extensions or plugins.