Zoom for Salesforce app with Zoom Meetings FAQ

Frequently asked questions about using the Zoom for Salesforce app with Zoom Meetings 

Some of my meetings that were scheduled outside of Salesforce are not showing. How do I get these meetings synced with Salesforce?

These meetings are available in the External Zoom Meetings tab.

Which objects am I able to start meetings from?

You can start Zoom Meetings from Leads, Contacts, Cases, and Events. If the Field Service Lightning feature is enabled, you can also start meetings for service appointments.

Where can I start the Zoom Meeting?

Zoom Meetings can be started from the Global Action menu or buttons added to the page layouts.

Is the Google Calendar integration configuration required?

No, the Google Calendar integration is not required to use the Zoom for Salesforce app. This setting is only if you would like to sync your Zoom Meetings to your Google Calendar.

What is the login type setting on the configuration page?

The login type refers to how you log into Zoom: