Integrating LTI Pro with the Brightspace D2L calendar

LTI Pro allows meetings scheduled with the LTI to be posted to the D2L Calendar. LTI Pro requires that D2L Client ID and Secret be entered into the Zoom LTI Pro configuration. To set up the integration:

  1. Install or Sign In to LTI Pro App.
  2. Copy the Oauth Redirect URL.
  3. Register an app at D2L.
    1. Click the gear icon.
    2. Choose Manage Extensibility.
    3. Click Oauth2.
    4. Click Register an app.
  4. Complete the form with the following fields:
    • Application Name: Zoom (or any other name you want to name the application).
    • Redirect URL: Copy Oauth Redirect URL from Step 1 and paste it here.
    • Scope: core:*:*
    • Access Token Lifetime (seconds)*: 3600.
    • (Optional) Description: Enter a description for the app.
    • Enable Prompt for user consent.
    • Enable Enable refresh tokens.
    • Enable I accept the Non-Commercial Developer Agreement.
  5. Add the D2L Client ID and Client Secret to a new Instance at LTI Pro 3rd party Credentials
    1. In a separate window or tab, go back to the LTI Pro Configuration page.
    2. Click 3rd Party Credentials
    3. Click LTI D2L
    4. Enable Calendar
    5. Click Add Instance and fill in the form as follows:
      • LTI D2L Site Domain: Domain of your D2L site
      • Developer ID: get Client ID from D2L app created in Step 3
      • Developer Key: get Client Secret from D2L app created in Step 3
    6. Click Save
      After clicking save, you should see the following:
    Now when a Zoom meeting is created, updated, or deleted, the D2L Calendar will be updated.

For additional help, please submit a request to Zoom support.