Using LTI Pro authentication exception

Prerequisites using authentication exception

General usage information

When scheduling Zoom meetings, you can enable the Only authenticated users can join meeting option to require that Zoom authenticate that users have a Zoom account and belong to a specific domain to join the meeting. The authentication exception feature enables you to allow specific users who are outside of your domain or do not have a Zoom user account to join. For example, people outside of your organization that would benefit from the information.

The integration automatically sends separate invitation emails to all guests listed under Authentication Exception. The integration verifies their invitation upon joining the meeting; only invited guests can join.

When you remove guests from the meeting list, the integration sends a cancellation email to the guest, and revokes their permission to join the meeting.

Note: For recurring meetings, you can’t set authentication exceptions for individual meetings in the series. The authentication exception applies to all occurrences.

Using the authentication exception list

To enable and add participants to the authentication exception list:

  1. Log into your LMS and schedule a new meeting or edit an existing meeting.
  2. Under Security, next to Authentication Exception, click Add.
  3. Click +Add Participants, enter the user information, and click Save.
    Note: There is currently no limit to how many participants you can add.