Frequently asked questions about HDCP

When trying to play copyrighted material from another device, typically a DVD or Blu Ray player, into a Zoom meeting, you may encounter an error code regarding HDCP.

What is HDCP?

High-definition Digital Content Protection (HDCP) is a digital content protection technology to help prevent copying of digital AV content. The system is meant to prevent HDCP-encrypted content from being played and recorded on unlicensed devices.

Does Zoom support HDCP

Zoom does not support the playing of HDCP content. Capturing HDCP content such as this could be a violation of copyright.

Can I play HDCP material locally?

HDCP enforces a secure HDMI connection from content to a playable device, which means the receiver must also support HDCP, such as an HDMI input on your display. Apps such as YouTube and Netflix prevent streaming of content from any device that is not connected directly from a device to an HDCP compliant display through HDMI.

How do I know if my devices support HDCP?

Test it out. Check the manual or product listing on the manufacturer’s website to see if it is compliant.

What else can I try?

Sometimes HDCP supported devices have “handshake” or negotiation issues. Try power cycling the display or source device. Try reconnecting your HDMI cable or ensuring your cable is not damaged.