How to Remove Your Cat Filter

We appreciate that video filters can make meetings fun. But when meetings turn serious, cat filters can turn them into a cat-astrophe.

It is very likely that your child, best friend, or significant other was the last person to use your laptop and they turned on a cute and cuddly filter from Zoom or a third party, such as SnapCamera or Live! Avatar Cam. But don’t lose your cool, we’re here to help!

Removing your cat filter

  1. While in a Zoom meeting with your video on, click the Up Arrow next to the Stop Video icon.
  2. Select a different camera setting, or try selecting each camera listed until you return to normal. For example, for macOS users, click FaceTime HD Camera (Built-in).
    The cat filter will now be removed and you can go back to your purr-fessional meeting.

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