OnZoom event roles and permissions

There are multiple roles available for OnZoom event types: Host, Alternative Host, Panelist, and Attendee. Alternative Hosts and Panelists are invited to the event by the Host while Attendees must have a ticket to join an event. Each role has a set of tools they can use during the event to enable participation.

Webinar event roles include:

Meeting event roles include:

Note: You will select whether you want to host a Webinar event or a Meeting event when you are creating an event

This article covers:

Prerequisites for OnZoom event roles and permissions

Event roles for OnZoom


The Host is the user who schedules the event. The Host has the full range of available permissions such as managing the webinar, Alternative Hosts, and Panelists. An event can only have one Host.

Hosts have permission to:

Alternative Host

Alternative Hosts share many of the controls the Host has, which allows the Alternative Host to manage the administrative side of an event.

Alternative Hosts have permission to:


Panelists have access to tools that allow them to enhance their participation during a Webinar event.

Panelists have permission to:


During a Webinar event, Attendees are view-only participants, and their view is controlled by the Host. Attendees can interact with the Host and Panelists from the Q&A window and chat.

During an Meeting event, Attendees can share their own audio and video (if enabled by the Host).