Provisioning a room system (enhanced)


Organizations that utilize SIP/H.323 room systems, can manage it via the Zoom Enhanced API Connector as well as integrate it with Zoom services. Managed devices may be configured with a variety of features, including:

For further details about features available for managed devices, please see our managed SIP/H.323 room documentation.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for adding a SIP/H.323 device as a managed room

How to add a SIP/H.323 room system

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation panel, click Room Management, then click Cisco/Polycom Rooms.
  3. Click the Rooms tab, then click + Add Room.
  4. Enter the following information
    • Manage Type:
      • Full management
        Full management allows Zoom to provision configuration settings (Room name, time zone, etc.) and displays room status in the customer portal. This mode is only available for supported devices.
      • SIP proxy
        SIP proxy management does not provision any settings to the device, nor is the status of the device available. In this management mode, Zoom generates authentication credentials for registering the device with the Zoom SIP proxy. These SIP proxy credentials will need to be manually configured within the device’s settings.
    • Room Name: Name of the Room System.
    • Room Template: Select a template configured with pre-specified settings, that will be applied once the device has been provisioned. If not applying a template, leave as none.
    • Device Type: Select the manufacturer/model of your SIP/H.323 device.
      Note: Select Generic SIP/H.323 Room if this is for non-managed rooms using SIP proxy.
    • Serial Number: Serial number of the hardware.
    • IP Address: The IP address that is set for the Room system.
    • Device Username: Admin username for the device.
      Note: Some device types do not require this setting.
    • Device Password: Admin password for the device.
  5. (Optional): Click Save & Create Another to create another Room.
  6. Click Finish when done.

After adding your SIP/H.323 room system it will appear in the list of Rooms. If you chose Full Management, wait a moment and confirm the Connection Status changes from Initializing to Connected before configuring additional management settings.

How to troubleshoot issues adding a SIP/H.323 room



When adding a device, the error message "Serial number already exists" is shown

Zoom only allows an SIP/H.323 device to be managed by a single Zoom account at a time. Sometimes a device may have been managed under a different Zoom account and not properly removed before being repurposed/resold.

To resolve this issue, submit a Zoom Support ticket and request the device to be disassociated from any other Zoom account. As part of the request, you must provide your account number, the device model, the device serial number, and a photograph of the device label showing the serial number to prove physical possession of the device.

Connection Status of the Room does not change to Connected

  • Confirm at least one Enhanced API Connector is online.
  • Confirm at least one online Enhanced API Connector is configured to manage networks that include your SIP/H.323 room system's IP address. The Enhanced API Connectors will only attempt to manage SIP/H.323 room systems that have an IP address that belongs to their list of (managed) Networks.
  • Confirm the SIP/H.323 room system IP address, username (if required), and password are correct.