Changing Team Chat settings on the mobile app

You can edit your chat settings for your mobile device, which allows you to choose which types of notifications you'd like to receive, how to handle unread messages, when to receive notifications, and how you'd like to be notified.

You can also change your Team Chat notification settings for the Zoom desktop client.

If you have notifications enabled but are experiencing issues with receiving them, learn how to troubleshoot not receiving notifications

Prerequisites for adjusting mobile app settings

Changing your chat settings

  1. Sign in to the Zoom mobile app.
  2. In the bottom-right corner, tap More .
  3. Tap Chat .
  4. Tap the settings or the toggle to edit them.
    • Show link preview: Insert a link preview with the page title, preview image, and description whenever your message contains a link.
    • Receive Notifications For:
      • All messages
      • Only private messages and mentions: Show notifications for private 1-on-1 chats and any time someone uses @(your name) in any channel (group chat).
      • Nothing
      • With exceptions for channels: Set exceptions if you want specific channels to have different notification settings than those you set above.
    • Unread Messages
  5. Keep all unread messages on top: Move chats with unread messages to the top of your chats list.
  6. Show unread message count () for channels: Display the number of unread messages beside each chat.
  7. Move messages with new replies to the bottom of the chat
  8. Receive notifications for keywords: Set keywords you want to receive notifications for.
  9. Notify me about new replies on messages I am following
  10. Disable when in meeting: Disable notifications when you're in a meeting
  11. When viewing unread messages in a channel
    • Start at the first unread
    • Start at the latest
  12. Show message preview
  13. When to Notify Me
    • Always, even if I am active on desktop: Always receive notifications on your phone even if you are active on the desktop client.
    • Only when I am not active on desktop: Only receive notification on your phone if you are inactive on the desktop client.