Collecting Windows MSINFO

Zoom Support may need to get your Window computer's MSINFO to further troubleshoot a particular issue. You can gather this information two ways.

Method One

  1. Click on the Windows icon and search for msinfo32. Then run the program msinfo32 or System Information (depending on your version of Windows). 
  2. After the application opens, select File and then Export..
  3. Choose a destination, name the file, and save. 
  4. Send us the log file or upload to Dropbox/Google Drive and send us the link in your support ticket. 

Method Two

  1. Click on the Windows icon, search for and run Command Prompt

  2. From here, input the following and press the Enter key: 
    Msinfo32 /report c:\temp\msinfo2212.txt
  3. After running, find the file in your temp folder and send this us in your support ticket. 

For more MSInfo options, please see Microsoft Support's site