Understanding NPS surveys in Zoom Events

Hosts can take Net Promoter Surveys (NPS) to provide feedback about their experiences and give recommendations on ways to improve the product to the Zoom Events team. The feedback from the surveys is invaluable because it provides Zoom Events with essential qualitative data—directly from users of the product—that helps to continue development and refinement of the product. In addition, the surveys help the Zoom Events team determine if similar feedback is given from a few specific users or from a broad spectrum of users.

Prerequisites for using the NPS surveys

How to understand the NPS survey

NPS scores are based on a scale that ranges from of 0-10, where higher numbers represent a better experience with the product:

The surveys pop-up while hosts are interacting with Zoom Events, providing an opportunity for hosts to give feedback while they are using the Zoom Events product for insight into how the host feels at that moment.