Using Zoom Meetings with the Zoom for Salesforce app

You can schedule Zoom meetings from the Zoom web portal or from Salesforce. The integration seamlessly syncs the meeting information from the Zoom web portal to your Salesforce events.

This integration works for Salesforce Lightning and Classic.

With this integration, you can do the following:

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Accounts using this Zoom for Salesforce app can begin migrating to the new Zoom for Salesforce Lightning app, which will be supported long-term and supports additional Zoom products, including Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinars, Zoom Phone, Zoom Contact Center, and Zoom Events. 

Learn more about how to migrate Zoom Meetings records, Zoom Webinars records, and Zoom Phone records in order to maintain historical records for interactions with contacts and leads. 

This article covers:

Prerequisites for using Zoom Meetings with the Zoom for Salesforce app

How to start instant meetings in Salesforce

The integration enables you to start instant Zoom meetings by clicking Start Zoom Meeting from the quick actions menu of these pages:

When on a lead or contact, click the quick actions dropdown and click Start Zoom Meeting. This launches a Zoom meeting and creates an event under the lead or contact record.

If you have enabled Send Email to Attendees at Launch on the Zoom Config page, you are redirected to the email interface page where you can send an email to your attendees with the Zoom meeting details.

Send email invites when starting a meeting

When you click the Start Zoom Meeting button, the integration automatically sends emails with the Zoom meeting details to the attendees.

Note: This feature requires the setting Send Email to Attendees at Launch to be enabled.

How to manage Zoom meetings as events

In Salesforce, when you create an event, the integration provides the following features for Zoom meetings on the event detail page:

View and refresh meeting details in Salesforce

Note: You must have at least two participants join the meeting.

You can view information about Zoom meetings on the event detail page. Zoom meeting details are available after the host has ended the Zoom meeting.

You can manually refresh the information by clicking the Sync Meeting Details button. This pulls the updated meeting information from the Zoom web portal and updates the: status, Zoom meeting start time, duration, participants, and recording information.

The integration will also automatically sync the data hourly as part of its daily tasks.

How to create events for external Zoom meetings

Note: The administrator must enable the integration to Sync external Zoom meetings to Salesforce.

External Zoom meetings are meetings you create using the Zoom web portal or Zoom client. The integration automatically finds the Zoom meetings and creates events in Salesforce based on matching contacts and leads information.

To enable a successful sync of Zoom meetings to Salesforce, when creating external Zoom meetings, ensure the following: 

View external Zoom meeting details

You can associate external Zoom meetings with Salesforce contacts and leads, create events for meetings, and view the activity history under the respective contacts and leads.

To access external Zoom meetings:

  1. Open the App Launcher and click External Zoom Meetings.
  2. Enter the date range desired to populate Zoom meetings.
  3. Click Get Details.
  4. You can choose to relate a contact or lead.
  5. Click Create Events for the selected meetings.

Note: External Zoom Meetings can display up to 2700 records in the last month. If you receive an error message, reduce the time interval to display less than 2700 records.

How to view reports

Navigate to the Report tab and click Zoom Report. This folder contains 3 different types of reports: