Reauthorizing LTI Pro

Most new releases of LTI Pro are automatic and do not typically require the LTI Pro administrator to take any action to access new features. Sometimes an LTI Pro release requires the LTI Administrator to reauthorize the application to allow new permissions or scopes that are required by the new features.

This article describes how to reauthorize LTI Pro.

  1. Sign in to the Zoom Marketplace using the email address used to manage LTI Pro.
  2. Click Manage, click Installed Apps, then click LTI Pro.
  3. Click Reinstall.

    Note: Do not click Uninstall as it will regenerate the LTI Key and Secrets when you reinstall. If the LTI Pro app is disabled, you will need to re-enable the app and then click Reinstall. Clicking the Reinstall button will not change or remove any settings. The LTI Pro app will continue to run as configured.
  4. Click Authorize to authorize the new and previous scopes required by LTI Pro.
    Once Authorized, you will be able to use any new features that are required authorizing the new scopes.

For additional troubleshooting, submit a request to Zoom Support.