Checking on missed meeting calls

When away from your device or just unable to currently join a video call, these missed meetings will be listed on the Missed Calls page, found on the Team Chat tab of the desktop client. This list will show the invites to live meetings you missed, and, if the meeting originated from a chat conversation or channel, which user or chat channel the call came from. Each missed call will provide options to reconnect with that group, either jumping to that chat contact or channel, starting a new Zoom meeting with those participants, or initiating a Zoom Phone call to that contact (if you have Zoom Phone service).

Note: This only applies to meeting invites sent from a live meeting, and does not list meeting invites sent through calendar services or missed Zoom Phone calls.

Prerequisites for missed meeting calls button

How to check for missed meeting calls

While you are away from your computer and miss calls to join an ongoing meeting, those will be tracked in one central location. To access your missed meeting calls:

  1. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
  2. Click the Team Chat tab  .
  3. At the top of the left-side chat panel, click the missed meeting call button .
    A list of all your recently missed meeting invitations are listed. If the missed call was from a meeting created from a chat channel, the chat channel or group chat will be listed. If the meeting does not correspond to a chat group or channel, the user inviting you to the meeting will be listed. Multiple missed calls from the same contact or group will be designated in parentheses. -
  4. Hover over the missed invite to see additional options:
    • Chat button: Jump to the contact, group chat, or channel that initiated the meeting. Allows you to respond to the missed invitation.
    • Video meeting button: Start a meeting and invite the contact, group chat, or channel originally in the meeting.
    • Phone call button: Call the contact through Zoom Phone. Requires Zoom Phone service to have this option.