Furniture design guide

Furniture affects the overall flow and experience of a space, particularly a conference room or presentation space. Technology-integrated furniture is therefore extremely important, especially as we move to a world with fewer components, and eliminate the need for large AV racks or cabinets. The new focus on functional furniture is adapted to smaller, network-connected components, and computers. Below, we will discuss some of our key partners that work to build the best furniture experience for everyone involved, from the attendee in the room to the IT technician that needs to support the environment.

Key Partnerships

Salamander Design

zoom-rooms-touch-huddle-2-7-wallstand-4014.jpg   zoom-room-9-19-peeps-pro-av-conference-5315.jpg

Salamander design has worked closely with the Zoom PSO team to develop great looking designed furniture, specific to the design guide standards that Zoom has developed. More information, with specifications of these designs can be found in the Salamander Designs Furniture Guide for Zoom Rooms.

Offerings include:

Heckler Design


Heckler Design has worked closely with Zoom for many years to develop many products including tablet enclosures with built-in PoE conversion, carts, as well as wall-mountable credenzas for a seamless integration experience.

Offerings include:



Steelcase offers beautiful options for seating and modular space designs. Steelcase can do it all, from open space seating to training rooms and personal offices. They also offer wonderful options for space management such as separation barriers and whiteboarding innovation.  For a more modular design approach, please check out Steelcase

Offerings include:

Urben Tech

urban-room-1.jpeg urban-room-2.png

Urben exists to enable global organisations to seamlessly roll out their meeting room standard. Their award-winning, technology-agnostic AV frames provide ultimate flexibility to build the solution you need, quickly and without the need for bespoke.

Urben is a team of innovators and industry experts, on a mission to change the way things have always been done when it comes to meeting space experiences. They work with industry-leading hardware and software partners to deliver solutions that turn Enterprise meeting spaces into incredible collaboration environments.

From 1-2 person huddle spaces to executive telepresence suites and experience centers, Urben has a frame that fits. And their fixed, freestanding, or mobile installation options make the whole process seamless.

Offerings include: