Understanding your Zoom invoice

Your invoice will reflect the products that are a part of your account’s subscription, including their quantity, price, and any applicable taxes.

For more information on how to view your invoices, please refer to the viewing your invoices article. 

Your invoice details

In the top-left of the invoice, you can find the date the invoice was generated (Invoice Date), the Invoice number (always starting with INV), your Payment Terms, invoice Due Date, Account Number, Currency, Account Name and Address, and finally the billing contact and sold to contact address and email addresses on file.

Note: The billing contact and sold to contact email addresses listed on your invoice may not be the same as the account owner email address or your sign in email address.

If applicable, on the right side of your invoice, you can find remittance information, a PO number, and tax exemption information. Zoom’s W-9 form is available for download here.

Under the Charge Details section, you will find all of your products, their quantities, and prices. Each product will include a Service Period, which is the period of time related to the charge.

Your Invoice Totals will reflect your Subtotal (does not include tax), Total (including tax), and your Invoice Balance. Your invoice balance is the amount that is currently due on the invoice.

Note: If your invoice has a Total (Including Tax) listed in parentheses, ex. ($1.00), then that amount is a credit. If you are on autopay, that credit will be automatically applied to future invoices. If you have Net terms, you will need to open a billing ticket to apply that credit to an invoice.

Under the Tax Details section, you can find a breakdown of which of your products were charged tax, what type of tax it was, and the amount of tax charged.

Once a payment has been made or a credit has been applied to the invoice, you will find a Transactions section at the bottom of the invoice. This section will show any payments, credits, or refunds that have been made regarding this invoice, including the date of the transaction and the amount.

Additional resources 

If you need to change who your invoice is sent to, you can follow these instructions.

For additional tax-related inquiries, please refer to these tax resources.

For any questions related to overages, please review the following links:

If you still need assistance with your invoice, submit a request to Zoom Billing for assistance.