US Sales and Telecom Tax Information

Like many technology companies, Zoom is routinely evaluating its tax collection and remittance obligations. The application of state telecom taxes to businesses like Zoom, that offer new types of technologies, is a complex and evolving area.

Sales and/or telecom taxes may be imposed by state, local, and municipal governments on goods and services, including phone services (i.e., telecom). In addition, federal, state and local governments may impose regulatory charges on providers of certain communications or telecommunications services, including interconnected VoIP services like Zoom Phone.

Zoom continues to review the products and services we sell, as well as the nature and extent of its activities in different jurisdictions. Based on such reviews, Zoom will implement tax changes from time to time to stay compliant with all government, regulatory, and tax requirements.

Zoom currently collects and remits a variety of taxes and telecom fees in all states at the required state or local level. Your invoice includes specific transaction line details of the tax or fee name, the jurisdictional level imposing the tax or fee, and the amount of tax or fee being charged. Learn more about California User Utility Taxes.

For all tax exemption certificates, please submit your exemption certificate for our tax experts to review. Upon approval of your exemption certificate, all applicable taxes that are eligible for exemption will be refunded or credited to you with future invoices having the exemption applied.

IRS 501 (c)(3) Determination Letters will not be approved for sales or telecom tax exemption. While this is a helpful piece of supporting documentation, it is not valid documentation for exemption from sales or telecom tax in any state or local jurisdiction.

If you have any additional questions, please chat with us and mention “Tax”.