Work-from-anywhere hardware

This article provides guidance on consistent desktop setups to coordinate a work-from-anywhere experience. We will also suggest hardware for your backpack for a consistent plug-and-play experience for home and office configurations. Zoom has also provided some guidance for re-entry to the office and Zoom Rooms setups.

As plans develop to return to the office, it will be crucial to increase shared resources rather than dedicated resources. A mobile system in a backpack that can go anywhere with an internet connection will be crucial, while coordinated desktop space that is consistent with home and workplace environments will be helpful to reduce commercial real-estate footprints and increase a 'productive from anywhere' culture. Below you will find suggested systems with options for a great setup to optimize the video and productivity experience.

This article covers:


Mobile systems

Here, we list 'go with you anywhere' components to the system that will function as your core productivity tools. With this system you can connect to home or work setups with a docking station or operate independently in your living room, local cafe, or back yard.


Fixed systems

Home and workplace stations with a single connection for audio and video connectivity will be crucial to create a shared environment, reduce seat counts, and ensure that spaces are best utilized for all employees, all while maintaining safe distances and cleaning procedures. Dedicated office workstations may be a thing of the past, but are also still useful. Here are some hardware solutions for shared and home workstations to coexist as a seamless experience in both locations.