Shure MXA910 / MXA310 microphone network audio

The network audio feature allows you to use Dante-enabled microphones in a situation where the microphone is reachable by the Zoom Rooms on the network.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for using network audio

How to prepare your network

Review the following, as necessary:

Make sure the Zoom Rooms are on the same wired network (no wi-fi) as the Dante devices. Consider isolating your AV network with a local network switch and a USB-to-ethernet converter to allow the Zoom Rooms to be on both local and building networks. If an isolated AV network is not possible, consider setting up VLANs or Dante Domain Manager as needed to allow or restrict network access to your microphones.

Zoom Rooms for Windows and macOS will be the software-based Dante connection point, so you don't need to add a third-party Dante hardware in-between the microphone, switch, and the computer for the Dante input.

The customer is always responsible for the security of the network when using this feature.

Note: Take every precaution possible, as we do not have built-in encryption between Shure devices and Zoom Rooms devices. For full encrypted audio designs with networked audio, see:

How to enable network audio

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Room Management then Zoom Rooms.
  3. Click Account Settings.
  4. Under Devices, click the Enable network audio devices toggle to enable this setting for your entire account. Alternatively, you can edit a specific area in your location hierarchy or a specific Zoom Room and enable the setting.

How to connect the microphones

The last Dante audio channel is used from the Dante microphone. For example, if the microphone has 2 outputs, the second output is used.

  1. Connect your microphone to the network you use for your Zoom Room.
  2. Tap Settings on your Zoom Room Controller, then tap Microphone.
  3. Tap Network Audio Device and then tap See Details.
  4. Tap the microphone you want on the menu to select it, then tap Done.