Requesting a project port (US, Canada, Puerto Rico)


A project port allows you to move more than 100 pre-existing numbers from another carrier to be used on your Zoom Phone account. Project porting is when you port more than 100 numbers.

Note: If you're having issues during the porting process, see our list of common porting issues and resolutions.

Prerequisites for requesting a project port (US, Canada, Puerto Rico)

You will need to provide the following information:

Inform Zoom ahead of time if you are using your existing phones with Zoom Phone. If so, you may need to contact your current carrier on the day of port to unlock the phone so that we can provision them to Zoom Phone.

How to request a project port (US, Canada, Puerto Rico)

  1. Download and complete the required Letter of Agency (LOA).
    See guidelines if you need help filling the form.
  2. Download and complete the required Project Porting Sheet.
    • If you are porting toll-free numbers, fill out the Toll-Free LOA as well.
    • If you currently have POC (proof of concept) or trial numbers and would like to swap them when the port completes, please complete the Number Swap Sheet. Numbers swapped in will be a like for like replacement of the numbers swapped out.
      Note: At this time, main company numbers cannot be swapped out. If you want to replace the main line, please indicate this and the team will upload it as a normal number, allowing you to swap it once ported.
  3. Submit your order and follow the steps below:
    • Please select your request type: Select Zoom Phone Number Porting.
    • Product: Select your product.
    • Email address: Enter your email address and make sure it's accurate.
    • Type of issue: Select New Number Port.
    • Porting Country: Select United States or Canada (if both US/CAN TNs are porting, select either).
    • Porting Number Quantity: Select 100+.
    • Description: Make sure the details below are present for a smooth transaction).
      • Zoom Phone Account Number.
      • Notes relevant to the port (such as target port date or complexities involved).
      • Attachments
        • Completed and hand-signed LOA.
        • Recent telephone bill relating to your porting numbers (best to be dated within the last 30 days).
        • Swap Sheet (if applicable).
  4. A Zoom team member will review and confirm receipt of the request.
  5. Zoom Phone and their porting partners will send a request to your previous provider to validate the information on the LOA. If accepted, Zoom and the previous provider will work together to activate the pending port. Once approved, it will be available to you to manage in the Zoom web portal.
  6. Review common porting errors to minimize delays in the number porting process.